Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) is a world-renowned research institute located in Kuopio health science focused campus in Finland. KCT’s mission is to be leader on the basic and translational fields of gene- and cell therapy and it hosts cutting-edge science and longtime experience on the design, development and manufacturing of AAV, adenovirus and lentivirus vectors. KCT provides an inspiring multicultural environment with the most advanced instrumental and analytical facilities for discovery until and through Phase I clinical trials.

KCT is seeking now for two enthusiastic and highly motivated (senior) scientists to join 2-year fixed term research projects. Minimal requirement is master degree in appropriate subject. The candidates will contribute to the projects experimentally and scientifically. They should have excellent written and oral English language skills for internal and scientific reporting as well the ability to work in a team oriented environment. The scientists will also participate in strategic discussions, national and international collaborations and coordinate project activities.

The first project is focusing on cardiovascular diseases. The second project aims to resolve some of the remaining challenges in viral gene delivery including controlled transgene expression. The candidates should have experience in virology, molecular and cell biology as well as recombinant DNA techniques. Background on viral-mediated gene delivery¸ cardiovascular diseases, especially in atherosclerosis, and gene therapy is preferred.

The responsibilities include:

·         Leading, designing and implementation of the experimentation.

·         Internal, national and international collaboration.

·         Supervision of young scientists and technicians working in the project.

·         Generation, analysis and interpretation of the data.

·         Active reporting of the research results and the latest achieves in the field.


More information Gene Therapy Unit Director Hanna Lesch (tel. +35850 5434900 or and Head of Vector Development Kari Airenne (

Electronic application with cover letter, curriculum vitae and salary request should be sent latest 31st January 2020.

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