What is team Anders?

We are a software company based in Turku and we have offices in Helsinki, Vancouver and Los Angeles. We are also about to open premises in Kokkola, Jyväskylä and Tampere during this year (2019). We provide top quality digital solutions for clients in a wide spectrum of industries helping them to tackle the challenges in the digital world.

We have strong experience not only in designing, building and hosting various web portals such as service and order portals and e-commerce solutions but also in integrations, Proof-of Concept solutions and mobile applications. We have built a great amount of tailored web tools and services to our clients, bringing new digital perspective into our clients’ businesses.

Our ambition is to achieve real change and concrete long-term results to our customers.

Big words, but so are our goals.

Please read a message sent to your email address and act accordingly. Hope to see you at the interview ;)


Riku Voipio

Director, People & Culture

Anders Innovations

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