Aspo Recruitment Privacy Policy


Business ID: 1547798-7

Reg.Office: Helsinki, Finland







Aspo Plc and its Group companies (hereinafter "Aspo") collect and handle personal data for recruitment purposes in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable legislation. 

By using our electronic job application form or by sending us a job application by other means (including open job applications), applicants accept that we handle personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. 

We only collect, store and handle personal data for pre-defined purposes. 

In the recruitment process, we only collect data that is necessary and significant for recruitment.

We mainly collect personal data from applicants themselves. If an applicant indicates any referees, we will handle personal data on referees obtained from the applicant (name, position in the company and contact details). With the applicant's consent, we can also collect data on the applicant from their referees. 

The purpose of handling personal data is to receive, handle and store job applications of applicants in order to recruit an employee on the basis of a job advertisement or open applications. 

We also handle personal data in order to carry out any activities before signing an employment contract with the applicant, at the applicant's request and to fulfill the registrar's rights and interests. The registrar's rights and interests are based on a proper relationship established with the applicant. This relationship starts when the applicant submits an application in order to be recruited by the registrar. Handling personal data on applicants is necessary in order to handle job applications and recruit a new employee. 

We do not regularly disclose any data on applicants outside Aspo. Depending on the vacant position, we may disclose data to parties acting on behalf of Aspo, such as a company conducting a suitability assessment. 

We only store personal data for the duration required by the recruitment process and no more than six (6) months after the recruitment process or, with regard to open applications, six (6) months after receiving the application. The applicant can, at any time, oppose the handling of personal data in the manner described in this privacy policy and have their data removed. If the applicant opposes the handling of their personal data for the aforementioned purposes, Aspo cannot handle the specific applicant's job application. 

 Personal data is stored on a server of our service provider. The server is protected in accordance with general industrial practices. We take care of information security together with the service provider. We always maintain personal data confidentially, and no personal data provided by applicants is disclosed outside the recruitment process. Confidentiality means that personal data is only available to individuals who have the right to use this data. 

No data is transferred outside the EU/EEA. 

As registered persons, applicants and their referees have the right:

1.      to request the registrar to provide access to their personal data,

2.      to request their personal data to be corrected or removed, or the handling of data to be limited,

3.      to oppose the handling of personal data with certain preconditions,

4.      to request their personal data to be transferred from one system to another with certain preconditions, and

5.      to revoke their consent at any time, without this having any impact on the legality of any handling carried out on the basis of such consent before it was revoked, provided that the handling of personal data is based on consent. 

Requests for exercising the rights of registered persons must be sent to 

In addition, if a registered person considers that their legal rights have been violated, they have the right to lodge an appeal to the data protection authority (the Data Protection Ombudsman).