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How to apply for the job

  1. Fill in your contact info and inform how long your application is active.
    • Sukunimi= Last Name
    • Etunimet =First Name
    • Puhelinnumero(koti)= Phone number (personal)
    • Sähköpostiosoite (koti)=  eMail address (personal
    • Hakemusta saa säilyttää (kk) = The period application is active in database (months)
  2. Attach and Save your CV and application letter.
    • Attach one file and save it in the Form by pressing Tallenna button.
    • Attach another file(s) and save it by pressing Tallenna 
  3. Send your application (Lähetä button)
  4. You receive a confirmation email from email address noreply(at)sympa.fi.
    • The information is stored for the period specified in the form, maximum six (6) months.

When you send the form you consent to processing of your personal data in our company's recruitment process. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by email hr(at)specim.fi. For additional information about functionalities of this form, our recruitment process or personal data processing, you may contact us by email hr(at)specim.fi .

Hakijan perustiedot
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Attach your CV and cover letter. First choose the file and then press the blue save button.