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If you would like to order an ATA Carnet through Creventic, costs per ATA Carnet are € 650,-

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Trucking from / to your workshop

For teams who would like to load the container at their workshop we can offer the following option:

Containers will be brought to your workshop and after loading by the team the container will go directly to the port.

Be aware we can only do this for shared or exclusive containers loaded at your workshop.

It is possible to receive the container at your workshop to load. We can arrange the trucking for you at additional charges.

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Other transport requests, which are not specified above



We want to inform you explicitly that Creventic and the shipping company are NOT taking any liability in case of damage, fire, sinking of the vessel or any others that will be covered by the transport insurance.

However, optional Creventic offers a transport insurance. We strongly recommend to make use of this transport insurance.

If you don't take a transport insurance, you fully understand the risks. The transport insurance only covers sea freight part.


Insurance costs are:

0,6% of the value of the race car

0,6% of the value of the quipment

130 euro inspection/administration costs

Transport insurance

If selected Yes, please fill out below the value of your race car and the equipment:

Value race car

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